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Dynamic Propeller Balancing is the process whereby a computerized balancer is used to measure the vibration produced by the aircraft power plant. Small trim balance weights are added to the propeller spinner or bulkhead assembly to correct for errors in mass distribution and to reduce power plant vibration to the lowest level practical.

Vibration is a waste of energy and a major cause of premature component failure. It can create noise, generate cracks in airframes and engine accessories and cause problems with avionics.

We use FAA-approved procedures and the latest, state-of-the-art, computerized equipment (ACES Systems) to diagnose and solve your propeller balancing problems. Our equipment is inspected and calibrated by the factory every twelve months to insure quality and accuracy.

Vibration analysis should be done when local winds are under 15 knots and not gusting. The entire procedure can usually be completed within two hours.

Balancing can be performed here or at your location. Note: There is an extra charge to travel to your airport.

If your aircraft meets acceptable vibration levels without the addition of weights, you pay only the analysis fee. A complete Report, including a Spectrum Survey, is provided to the owner at the completion of the job.

Vibration Analysis Only (single engine)...........................................$ 250.00 and up

Vibration Analysis and Diagnosis (single engine)..............................$ 325.00 and up
(includes weight installation and paperwork)

Note: Fees vary depending on the the labor required to remove the engine cowling and the location of the permanent balance weight(s). Contact us for more information and specific pricing on your aircraft.

Not all propeller balancers are the same. Before you hire someone to balance your prop...

  • Ask them how long they have been balancing props. We've been dynamically balancing props on piston aircraft for almost 20 years. We have experience with RVs, Lancairs, Pipers, Cessnas, Beechcrafts, Navions, etc.

  • Ask them what kind of equipment they are using. We use the ACES Cobra II, recognized around the world as the finest prop balancer on the market. Some of the cheaper balancers make the technician "guess" what size weight and where to put it. A real hit-and-miss method. The ACES computer automatically determines the amount of weight and where to put it. Most balance jobs are completed in 3 runs.

  • Ask them when they last had their equipment calibrated. Unless it has been calibrated by a lab with standards traceable to NIST, their readings are probably inaccurate and that .02 figure they tell you about might really be a .08. Our equipment is calibrated annually by the factory.

  • Ask them if their equipment provides a detailed Analysis Result and a Spectrum Survey printout. We can provide complete documentation to be included with the aircraft records.

  • Ask them if they are permitted by the FAA to balance the props on production aircraft, such as Piper and Cessna, and legally return the aircraft to service. Personnel at North Texas Avionics are A&P IA rated and have that capability.