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91.411 & 91.413 Q & A

What inspections are required for VFR operations?

    The aircraft transponder must be inspected and certified every 24 months in accordance with the requirements of F.A.R. 91.413 and F.A.R. 43, Appendix F.

What inspections are required for IFR operations?

    In addition to the transponder inspections required by 91.413, the altimeter, encoder and static system must be inspected and certified every 24 months in accordance with the requirements of F.A.R. 91.411 and F.A.R. 43, Appendix E.

Who can perform these inspections?

    With a few exceptions, only a FAA Certified Repair Station with the appropriate ratings may perform the inspections required by 91.411 and 91.413.

What are the rules for Experimental aircraft?

    Experimental aircraft must also comply with 91.411 and 91.413 requirements for transponder and altimeter inspections and certifications.

Can a builder with a repairman certificate for the aircraft he built perform his own altimeter or transponder certifications?

    No. Although the FAR's do authorize the "manufacturer" of the aircraft to conduct the tests, the builder of an amateur-built aircraft does not meet the FAA's definition of a manufacturer. The FAA, in Order 8130.2, defines a manufacturer as a Production Approval Holder (PAH). Some examples of a PAH would be the holder of a Production Certificate (PC), a Parts Manufacturing Authority (PMA), and Technical Standards Order Authorization (TSOA). According to the FAA, an amateur builder does not fit this definition and, therefore cannot perform the transponder and pitot/static tests on his/her homebuilt. (Info obtained from the EAA website)